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There are some settings you can check, they describe step-by-step how that works. Please check your connection.

Stupid Mozilla, they should fire the incompetent people behind this. Not showing in private tab option either. Summary Avoid this program unless you want to spend hours running boot level scans to rid your computer of viruses. Keeping our fingers crossed that this will soon be the case for all users. We use some cookies to give you the best experience on our website.

Why is there no fix for laptops? Maybe will have to use Chrome or Safari until this gets fixed? Aside from restarting computer, which I did. Hi Andy, Unfortunately, we can only wait for Firefox to fix this. Please check Mozillas latest blogpost for possible measures that bring your add-ons back.

Navigate faster and without adds or banners

For a moment I was in advertisement-hell. Summary Don't waste your time with this garbage. Found a fix for me on the Mozilla support site as quoted below.

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Navigate faster and without adds or banners

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This does not happen in Google Chrome. Hi john, Unfortunately, we can only wait for Firefox to fix this. Hey ghostrider, I feel your frustration. The work-around you posted was a great help to many but should be used with caution, as you advised.

Cons Created a huge mess on my system. Hopefully it will continue to work! So is this issue fixed or still on-going?

By using our site you are aware that we are using cookies and you can change this any time. Find their latest blogpost about the issue here. Hi ShilohL, Unfortunately, we can only wait for Firefox to fix this.

Luckily, everything should be back to normal by now. You do not even need to install the fix manually from the downloaded xpi file. Never redirected me to the site I was viewing when once the pop-up arrised. Glad that this information was helpful for you. Time to move to Chrome, where something actually does work.

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My Addblock plus addon still does not work. Hi Dan, Unfortunately, we can only wait for Firefox to fix this. Firefox even suggested I refresh it, which I did. As informed by Firefox, bollywood movie 720p no re-installation is required. Still indicates I have latest version installed.

Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. Pros None, this program is a threat your security. How the hell did they break an old revision?

Thank you for this response forum from your devoted users! What do you need to know about free software? This helps our filter list authors to improve the block lists! And I hope even more that Firefox gets this under control! Thank you, for pointing out my typo.

The internet as a whole has returned to be the incredibly ad-infested shit it really is. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Thank you so much for your appreciation! But we have absolute confidence in the open source community behind Firefox to get this fixed as soon as possible!


It looks like the problem has been solved. Wanted info, found this page. Should we just sit and hope that it will be fixed soon?

Users need to install their add ons again, a small price to pay, and you can install it on a usb drive. Extensions are now back and briefly showed up in the address bar but then didnt and still dont. Hi Otzzi, Unfortunately, we can only wait for Firefox to fix this. We were holding our breath for some hours, but now Firefox has released an update and everything should be back to normal!

Im considering getting chrome just to get rid of firefox messing up all the time. Honestly considering moving on from Firefox to Chrome or Opera. There is nothing you can or need to do, other than wait for Firefox to update, which will most likely happen automatically. Switching to Chrome at least until they sort things out.

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They are enabled in the extensions list but dont show up in the address bar at the top of the page where they always used to. And rely the information they provide. They have become more agressive and have grown in number to the extreme. You can also check Mozillas latest blogpost for possible measures that bring your add-ons back.

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Got msg from firefox that the file was corrupted and would not permit download. Do you still have problems? Comodo treats it as a major threat and so does Avast. We are super annoyed, too!