Alakananda Theeram

View from the foot of the falls. The valley filled us with fresh air and positive energy with every single touch.

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All were in full-fledged photography mode. As the sun begins the daily ground work. The adjoining Pond enclosed by rocks. We had to cross railway tracks as we headed on our way to the church.

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As we followed him, the path through assembled large rocks ended between two large rocks with sufficient gap allowing us to stand but not sit. As we planned to settle to watch the sunrise our guide told us this is not the point and there is more challenge to complete the show. As our trips were planned for weekend, the schedule was tight. As we peep to see the destination of the channel it was blocked by piles of rocks and shrubs. It is quite incredible to see these Pahadis carrying weights two or three times more than their bodyweight.


They looked at us in sheer wonder as we rushed to the board to pose under. The effect of their daily toil could be observed in their physique. The elderly man in our boat kept us entertained by narrating stories about the island, about the fishing there, the losses suffered after the Tsunami and all. Post-lunch, most of us were in the mood for a siesta.

On one of the boulder seats in the river bed. It was the first time for me to travel in a ferry and I loved it!

As our boats moved on, we were able to see fishing nets, narrow waterways, mangrove plants and coconut farms on the lakeshore. The return trip was relatively quiet except for the songs that were blaring from the player. It was inky but the traveler took to the foot of the hills which was only a few steps away.

Here we came touchingly close to Alakananda. How much of Alakananda Ray's work have you seen? As night creeped in, all of us sat silent in awe, kpop mv 3gp the only sound we could hear was the roar of Alakananda. Secretary-Periyar Theeram Owners Association. On behalf of Periyar Theeram Owners Association.

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Shrine of Shiva and Parvathy. Notify me of new posts via email. Only with the capability to balance in flowing water and a grip on mossy rocks one can reach the fall where the water from rock falls like tiny rock particles capable enough to push to the pool. The sculpture has a thousand carvings which may be more alluring to eyes with archaeological cravings. At the Hemakund Sahib we got to taste the generous hospitality of the Sikh people as they do in all their Gurudwaras.

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Sajna Ali, our group leader and the brain behind this whole concept, came out. On our way back, as planned we took photographs under the Malayalam board, but the scene was different from what we saw on our climb. Carefully one by one we landed between the rock walls and proceeded to available nearby points. On our way back we had another ploy to be accomplished, that was to try panipuri from a nearby stall. That are at the time was very fragile and passing drivers screamed at us to clear off from the place.

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During the resting time for these ponies, we were got off their backs by being carried in hands, irrespective of one's weight. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Alaknanda River. Click on apartments in thrissur to get more details. The promise of our destination egged us on to climb faster.

Minu, a friend from my previous trip with the group was also joining this trip. Pilgrims to Hemakund Sahib mainly opted for ponies, but a great number of them walked, some even on naked feet.

Our Malayali minds thought of stopping and taking a snap but it was darkness already and night had slowly started descending. Please help improve this article if you can. They were very transparent in all their dealings and even stayed in touch after handover to settle any issues of my.

The splendorous sight simply swept us away and all of us fell head over heels for the Himalayas. My table mates sounds similar to a product from Telebuy, eh? We waited there till men from the Forces completed laying stones in the course to ready a makeshift replacement. An officer and some local men held and guided us to cross the splash.

Enjoy the Pleasure of Living by Owning Flats or Apartments in Thrissur

Be a spider women, Stick to the walls. All of us sat together in nearby tables. Vayalar - Devarajan Evergreen Songs.

Our Badarinath trip had to be called off on the way due to the road blockage resulted by consecutive landslides, a very solid reason to visit that place again. To our huge surprise, in one of the turnings before Pipalakotti, we saw a board in Malayalam that said Devabhoomiyilottu swagatham welcome to the land of the devas. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. We were accompanied by an elderly man and the boat driver of course in our boat.

The plans for the day ended with the dinner of chapathi and rice. The Vivid and monumental entrance to Sringeri Sharadhamba Matt and we posing infront of that.

Onam season had just got over and I was back from vacation with my family. Last but not the least, a word about the power ladies, the six of them I was blessed to have with me. The next morning we woke up to witness a jaw dropping sight.

Three km below Mana the Alaknanda flows past the Hindu pilgrimage centre of Badrinath. We can only remember the help from them with gratitude as without them we would never have been able to cross the river at that point.