These performance bonds are fully collateralized. Accordingly, we express no such opinion. Indicate by check mark whether the Registrant is a well-known seasoned issuer, as defined in Rule of the Securities Act. Cash and cash equivalents may consist of U. Subsequently, no matchmaking on the court overseeing the rehabilitation issued an order to liquidate Home.

Under the guidance, liquidation basis of accounting should only be used when liquidation is imminent, as defined in the guidance. There is no family relationship among the foregoing director or any officer. Representatives of the Partnership have discussed with representatives of Association No.

There is no assurance that the settlement will receive final approval of the Court or that all other conditions for its completion will be satisfied. The Arvida defendants filed their answer to the amended complaint denying substantive liability and raising various defenses. Net cash provided by financing activities. Amounts payable to or by the Administrator or its affiliates do not bear interest and are expected to be paid in future periods.

Prepaid expenses and other assets. Government obligations with original maturities of three months or less, money market demand accounts and repurchase agreements, dating ayi the cost of which approximates market value. There are no assurances that the Rothal settlement will in fact be consummated.

Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter. The Partnership has applied the accounting rules concerning loss contingencies in regard to the treatment of this matter for financial reporting purposes. The City of Weston has agreed to pay development costs and assume perpetual maintenance of the mitigation area.


Such transactions involve conflicts of interest for the Administrator or its affiliates. Documents Incorporated by Reference. Capitalized terms used but not defined in this quarterly report have the same meanings as in the Annual Report.


The trustee or trustees of the Liquidating Trust could be an officer or officers of the General Partner. As noted above, under the terms of the Amendment, the General Partner is authorized, in its sole discretion, to complete the termination of the Partnership by forming a Liquidating Trust. As noted above, under the terms of the Amendment, the General Partner was authorized, in its sole discretion, to complete the liquidation of the Partnership by forming a Liquidating Trust.


ALP LIQUIDATING TRUST - FORM 10-Q - November 12 2015

The above selected consolidated financial data should be read in conjunction with the consolidated financial statements and the related notes appearing elsewhere in this annual report. If the matter is not settled, the defense of the case will proceed. The Partnership filed a motion to dismiss the case for lack of jurisdiction and a motion to stay.

Eight Maintenance Association, ultrasound Inc. The Partnership will vigorously defend its interests in the policies written by the plaintiff. No trial date has been set. The Partnership will vigorously pursue its interests in the policies written by the plaintiff.

Alp liquidating trust

Any successor Administrator appointed hereunder shall execute an instrument accepting such appointment hereunder and shall file such acceptance with the trust records. In addition, the Administrator may, subject to the proviso in the preceding sentence, distribute any of the Trust Property to the Beneficiaries in-kind. The source of both short-term and long-term future liquidity is expected to be derived from cash on hand, short term cash investments and income earned thereon. Net loss attributable to Unit Holders.

ALP LIQUIDATING TRUST - Current report filing (8-K) EXHIBIT


The Partnership is seeking payment or reimbursement of all or most of the foregoing settlement amounts from U. Trinity filed an answer to the amended complaint and a counterclaim. Cash and cash equivalents, end of year.

These associations have not filed suit. The Partnership has also answered the amended complaint and has filed a cross-claim against Disney's affiliate, Walt Disney World Company, for common law indemnity and contribution. Gary Nickele, President and Sole Director. In the complaint, the Partnership seeks, among other things, a declaration that U.

Alp liquidating trust
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Amount and Nature of Beneficial Ownership. Decrease in cash and cash equivalents. The defendants include Waterproofing Systems of Miami, Inc.

The liability also includes real estate taxes and other miscellaneous accruals. The amount of funds to be retained in reserve for these purposes has not yet been determined. Consolidated Balance Sheets.

Alp liquidating trust

Interest and other income. The motion to dismiss Arvida was granted. All of the Trust's expenses shall be billed directly to and paid by the Trust. As a result of this and subsequent mediation sessions and other discussions among the parties, and without admitting any liability, the Partnership has entered into an agreement with Association Nos. Arvida entered into a sub-management agreement with St.

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  1. The Arvida defendants have filed their answer to the amended complaint.
  2. The mitigation plan requires improvement of the function and value of the wetlands, including development of refuge habitat areas, and ongoing maintenance and monitoring of the same.
  3. Financial Statements and Supplementary Data.
  4. The source of both short-term and long-term future liquidity is expected to be derived from cash on hand and income earned thereon.
  5. The Partnership intends to vigorously defend itself.

The Trust is not required to have, nor were we engaged to perform an audit of its internal control over financial reporting. Each of the landscape cases has been tendered to Zurich for defense and indemnity. The Administrator shall perform such duties, and only such duties, as are specifically set forth in this Trust Agreement or are reasonably implied for the administration of this Trust.

Consolidated Condensed Statements of Operations. Risk factors include the time and expense to resolve all obligations, liabilities and claims, including contingent liabilities and claims that are not yet asserted but may be made in the future. Address of principal executive office.


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