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The film ends with Venkat looking at his wife and his wife happily looking at her baby. Only, the mothers undergo a miscarriage. Sudhakar Reddy for Best Cinematography.

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After the credits roll, a series of macabre incidents are shown in which an unidentified person goes about cutting babies from the womb of three or four pregnant mothers. Sreenu is saved by a hypnotizer Kota Srinivasa Rao who finds him by the river side, restores his life and teaches him hypnosis. Now the present day Venkat determines the crimes were committed by the task force who worked to catch the culprit by hypnotizing them. Farther from the crime story, Ravi Babu, an Agent of the Special Task Force, is ministering his wife for the last fifteen months, who is recuperating after a self-inflicted bullet injury.

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Srinu after being thrown away into the river is saved by Dr. He has a care for the babies you should know the reason by watching it yourself.

Venkat wants to save baby and mother from Sreenu. After finishing her work he hypnotizes her and makes her commit suicide.

While Amaravathi is the daughter of the village's richie, lucky bollywood movie songs Seenu is the son of a servant maid. Ammu that is Amaravathi is the daughter of drunkard landlord while Srinu is the son of a maid servant. Amaravathi's father does not like the closeness Seenu shares with Amaravathi and warns his mother against their friendship. Amaravathi is a Indian Telugu-language thriller film written and directed by Ravi Babu.

Ravi Babu looked perfect as Special Task Force officer and his name on the screen is applauded by whistles and claps in the theatre. In his acting career spanning many years, probably this is the first time that he is playing a non-villainous or non-comedic character. Sneha as his better half looked romantic. Ravi Babu always picks up the odd subjects and makes them entertaining. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Was Venkat able to save her wife Latha? In this sequence they catch hold of grown up Srinu Tarakarathna and start their investigation. Music by Shekhar Chandra was good with special frightening sounds added by Ethiraj very well. Tarakratna is sans moustache and looks fearful making eerie songs or singing old classics.

The real twist which comes at the end revealing that Ravi Babu himself got hypnotized by Tarakarathna is taken well by audience. The criminal in question does not kill anyone. It became a severe injuries to him. And, he does succeed in running the show well.

Task Force officer Venkat Ravi Babu is recalled from a sabbatical and given charge of the case. Sneha and Bhumika do not get much footage. Later he decides to win Amaravathi back and tries his hypnotic studies on one of the assistant of the hypnotist. Sindhura Gadde and Taraka Ratna played supporting roles. Here and there, you may find big blunders in re-recording and confusing elements on Hypnosis, but can be taken it for granted when dealing with new and untouched concepts.

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Touching aspects like Hypnosis and Surrogate Motherhood may be odd ones among regular movies, but needs to be appreciated. Doddi Srinivas has stolen few scenes with just his makeup and especially Tarakarathna looked never as handsome and frightening as in this movie. Write about topics that interest you - anything from movies to cricket, gadgets to startups. The visuals of pregnant mothers suffering trauma at the hands of the womb-raider haunt you much later too. Sreenu realizes his guilt and gives a loaded pistol to Amaravati and kills himself through her.

Sebastian Kota and learns the skill of Hypnosis Vaseekaranam from him. Gadde Sindhura as an assistant to Ravi Babu looked glamorous.

Later looking her husband's dead body she accidentally falls on her foot on the rode which Sreenu used to kill him. By the time Venkat completes his investigation, Sreenu escapes from prison.

You can help by adding to it. But Sreenu has feelings on Amaravathi and shows his love on her with a few sadistic approaches. In Amaravathi, did you ever expect Ravi Babu to play the most important actor? Venkat injects an antidote in his wife which prescribed by her personal doctor.

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Meanwhile, Venkat disappears. Photography by Sudhakar Reddy lives up the story highlighting the major thrilling scenes. On the day Seenu ultimately finds the pearls in the lake, he enters into Amaravathi's room against the wishes of her father. You can update your channel preference from the Settings menu in the header menu.

The real twists and turns only take place in the second half. The film begins in a village that was historically known to have been famous for pearls. In the present day police are baffled by a series of crimes where the sadistic perpetrator was stealing babies from pregnant women, leaving the women bleed to death. Venkat deduces that Sreenu wanted a total of ten babies to complete his mission and was one short.

Venkat and his team work hard to crack the mystery. The taskforce kills the caretaker of Amaravati and takes possession of all babies.

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Bhumika has done only a short role and was good as usual. Venkat discovers that the tenth baby Sreenu wanted was that of his pregnant wife. Who does he want to use as his instruments to slice open the uterus of some more unlucky mothers? The real show stealer will be none other than Tarakarathna with his impeccable mannerisms and impressive dialogue delivery.

Then he escapes from the clinic and went back to his village. Venkat objects and orders the babies be given to their mothers. His colleague says that technically the babies belongs to Amaravati and Sreenu.

But the crimes against pregnant women continue with the culprit in jail. With his sharp wit, he cracks down the criminal in no time.