Ansi Y14.5m-1982

You can ask the engineers working on inspection for component industry about some meanings that confusing you on the huge table above. Anybody know who did make the graphics? They were equipped with a digital readout only. Mechanical bearing units are inherently more reliable, since they do not require a constant supply of dry and clean air which can create a maintenance headache. Measurements are not made based on the datum feature, but from the datum simulator.

Probes with detachable stylus modules and a stylus rack may accomplish the same task at half the price if no more than orientations are required. Your feature control frame should have a.

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Modules are held in place magnetically and detach in the event of a collision without damaging the probe itself. The Single Point Laser is also used for digitizing. Horizontal arm units, capable of measuring large envelopes at acceptable accuracies are used mainly for large auto body parts, large weldments, etc.

The smaller the unit the better. Why is the first table referring to the version? Good and thorough training of the programmer is imperative.

If they are indeed true, there should be some way to include a valid reference to them. The big names in the industry do not necessarily have the easiest to use systems, which is what the buyer should be looking for. The potential user should understand the difference between resolution, repeatability, and accuracy.

It is an excellent tool to check the profile of delicate surfaces e. The Line Laser is the fastest way to digitize or inspect non-linear surfaces and contours like cell phone housings or car body parts. An unskilled operator then simply touches the points on the part as commanded by the screen.

Line lasers, capable of taking thousands of points per second can digitize an odd shaped part in minutes. They are not suited for production. Probing systems should be as simple as possible.

Proper support is important. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Specifying Your Coordinate Measuring Machine The type, shape, size and dimensional tolerance of the part to be inspected determine the kind of equipment to be considered. Whichever software takes the least number of keystrokes or mouse clicks to measure a feature or a complete part is the better one. On the other hand you also have to look at the configuration of the parts. Fast start menus make the operation and program selection easy for shop floor personnel. Alternatively, change the table to reflect all versions, and flag those symbols and modifiers where they do not apply.

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All that aside, the underlying value of the standard is to provide a set of common terminology, and reference methods. If not, it should be there.

You can have anything in between. Geometric tolerancing is defined paraphrased as applying to variations part surfaces and derived features, such as axes. Accuracy The potential user should understand the difference between resolution, repeatability, solidworks student edition software and accuracy. Pre-qualifying these positions on the reference sphere further adds to the necessary envelope.

ANSI y14.5m-1982

Specifying Your Coordinate Measuring Machine. Additionally, the subject matter has been restructured for better readability, with profile, orientation, and form now in separate sections, and material within sections reorganized. Symmetry was dropped from the version, reinstated in the version, and remains in the version. Practices unique to architectural and civil engineering, land, welding symbology are not included.

They usually consist of a probe head, fixed or indexable, the touch probe itself and the styli. It is hard to negotiate a. It was re-introduced in the version because the position control did not perform as the symmetry one does. It used to exist in one paragraph, and was never defined and never referred to. Once a program is written a lesser trained person may push the buttons.

Logic would tell one there should be an overiding document that specifies each section, but this remains to be seen. Financial issues aside, this is largely a function of part quantity or a combination of quantity and complexity. Fancy graphics and many windows do not measure a part. Flat parts sheet metal stampings, plastic, rubber, etc. The potential user should educate himself on this issue.

The in and out of tolerance condition may be printed out. It may be your main purchasing criteria. The line laser is popular for reverse engineering.

The same goes for the part programs. In the scope of the standard, it is slang. Consequently this number is substantially higher than the linear accuracy. These probes are obviously more expensive than trigger probes and require a high end controller. Height Gages, as the name implies, are good for checking heights on a surface plate.

Dimensioning and Tolerancing (Correctly Numbered ASME-Y)

Angled styli orientations can be created with stylus knuckles. The handout that held the original chart that this chart was derived from is about twenty years old.

Mechanical Scanning Probes are used to gather a high number of points in bores and surfaces of prismatic parts and for digitizing non-linear unknown surfaces. You should inquire as to how long the software has been on the market.

ASME YM - Dimensioning and Tolerancing
Dimensioning and Tolerancing

ASME YM - Dimensioning and Tolerancing