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It got to the point where I hated saying I was a comedian. That's a lot of time to go without audience feedback. Call it the David Caruso syndrome.

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The episode's centerpiece is a sequence in which Ellen, under the influence of nitrous oxide, flirts shamelessly and humiliatingly with her dentist. Somebody should've stopped her.

Ellen had lots of beards back then, as well as being a co-beard. We asked many, many times. And eventually they're going to hit the bull's-eye. Another actress, Maggie Wheeler, hook up dictionary left after the first six episodes. There was no public response.

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There was more than a year between taping the shows and their airing. You get different guys every week, and you have a show. The criticism came in a vacuum. They didn't want to call a show by the star's name. Shooting it was a hellacious time.

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You have a set that's a brick wall. They tried, they gave it a good shot, and these producers are trying, they're getting closer, and they're seeing more what they can do.

Ellen, or These Friends of Mine