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On top of that, the language is straightforward and somewhat understated, which completes this perfect package. This is a tale with universal appeal.

Everyone knows what it feels like to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Snowflakes fall one by one, slowly covering the city in a beautiful white blanket. By the time the frightening day arrives, Wemberly is full of dread. But all is not what it seems.

She transforms her pain into playful paintings teeming with fantastic skeletons, jaguars, devils, and monkeys. After a stroll through the woods or a family hike, nothing feels better than a cup of hot chocolate and a good book, and what better book could there be than Fall Leaves Fall, an infectious read. Why would people want such a dangerous job?

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His sweet friend Buggy patiently lets him do his thing. Make it a bit more fun with this story about a plane who learns to skywrite.

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The effect is captivating! Find Marshmallow at your local library. Starring a retired police officer toad and his mouse sidekick, these charming mysteries from Sweden will hook your students. Board Book by Bill Martin Jr.

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The Gift of the Indians at your local library. Find Bee-Bim Bop at your local library.

Free Online Books Kindergarten

Find A Hole Is to Dig at your local library. These poems are not only fun tongue twisters but also offer a great chance for kindergartners to explore manipulating initial sounds. Find Wemberly Worried at your local library.

But his mom reassures him that all he'll need to bring is himself. This lighthearted, comic-book style story takes readers on a trip through an art museum. Fish encounters numerous friends, like Mr.

It's Emily Elizabeth's first day of kindergarten, and she can't help but feel nervous! Handwriting is just one of those things Kindergarten teachers have to tackle. Students get a taste of history in an entertaining way.

When they get separated in the city they end up with salt and pepper plus an adventure to discuss over their seasoned pumpkin soup. Supplement your phonics curriculum with these gems. The Dot Hardcover by Peter H. Find Snowmen at Night at your local library.

Popular Kindergarten Books

Popular Kindergarten Books

Too many vowels and consonants bring a crash that calls mamas, papas, uncles and aunts the capital letters, of course to the rescue. Find Escape of Marvin the Ape at your local library. Budding readers will appreciate Dr.

This story is a perfect addition to your arsenal of read-aloud books about sharing. You can never have too many alphabet books in Kindergarten, and a funny one is a huge plus. Forced to accompany her older brother to the library for three afternoons in a row, virtual city full version for pc Beatrice discovers the magic of books after becoming entranced by a read-aloud.

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Find On Earth at your local library. Cat, Squirrel and Duck set out for salt.

Popular Kindergarten Books

Popular Kindergarten Books

They send important messages about exercising your mind and body, and taking care of yourself and your friends. Who knew that something that surrounds us every day could be so fascinating? The Cat in the Hat Hardcover by Dr. Find Visiting the Art Museum at your local library. He encounters lessons along the way and ultimately finds that the secret lies within himself and in the natural world around him.