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At the Chug-a-sonic Speed Track, Hanzo teaches Koko to control her new engine booster and she learns to brake at high speed. Hodge must set aside his pride and own up to his mistake.

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The trainees try to find him a new one. Wilson has to use the camera wagon in three different ways to earn his Chug and Click badge. Koko has to deliver timber to the paper mill, but she ignores Old Puffer Pete's advice to take it slowly and ends up coming off the track. Frostini's Fruit Fandango. Wilson has to use the camera carriage in three different ways.

Additional footage provides a transition between the two episodes, including showing Tyne returning the tunnel boring machine and Brewster laying track inside the tunnel. In each episode, one or more of the trainees try to earn a particular badge by completing a specific task or accomplishing a certain goal. Zack becomes trapped when an old rickety bridge collapses, prompting Brewster to use all his craning skills to lift him safely out of the high tunnel. The Mayor is observing the chuggers to decide who should get the Chugger of the Year award. Eddie is constantly late to work, so Wilson, Koko, Brewster, Hodge, and Zephie help him by finding him a new house.

While trying to stop the wagon, Wilson derails. The trainees learn about being efficient. Wilson must use his newly acquired emergency skills to save Piper from derailing on a steep hill.

Aswell as the City and Dr Ling with her big inventions. But soon realises that someone else deserves it. When they discover the mayor's wife is allergic to cheese, Frostini realises he will have to come up with something else. Wilson tries to be helpful by cleaning the underground tunnels for Eddie and Hodge, but ends up making a huge mess.

In order to earn their Quiet badges, the chuggers need to keep their bumpers zipped all day. Brewster, Koko, and Wilson are tested on their ability to accurately follow directions. When a faulty machine startles Koko, she fails her test and is broken-hearted. Wilson rescues Koko when she's trapped in a collapsing mine tunnel.

Ling gives a presentation about meteors and how, many years ago, evil laugh one crashed close to Chuggington. Koko's speed booster malfunctions and she speeds around Chuggington out of control.

Emery unknowingly takes an inspector on a tour of the Chuggington depot. Some of the episodes include a large diesel mobile crane the character Skylar in the introduction sequence.

Wilson and Koko have to rescue a stranded chugger from the snow. The trainees try their wheels at pulling and rolling stock around an obstacle course. Wilson fails, but should he confess to it or hide his mistake? The chuggers learn about being efficient, when they work towards earning their Clean Up badges. Zephie gets a new look and Koko wants one, too.

The trainees must memorize a list of three destinations and visit them in the correct order. Wilson wants to fly through the air like Action Chugger, but nearly causes a serious accident by using a jetpack without permission. The task becomes easier when he is taught some tricks that will help him memorize things. Koko and Wilson think Brewster is too slow, but Brewster's patience pays off when he meets his hero Action Chugger at the ride-in movie theatre. Wilson and Brewster are sent to get stone from the quarry, but Brewster is in a hurry to practice his new moves.

Koko decides to wash down the platforms, while Brewster paints a few fences and picks up litter. Wilson has difficulty collecting pumpkins for Frostini so Hoot and Toot decide to lend a wheel. Koko explores a tunnel with Wilson and fails to tell anyone but Brewster where they're going.

Wilson tries to clean the tunnels. Brewster finds that using rhymes helps him memorise his destination list.

Irving leaves Koko in charge of the recycling yard while he is away, but she doesn't listen properly to his instructions. Koko tries to win an award. Border Bridge is reopening and it's decided that Wilson will make a live report, but he needs to rescue Hoot and Toot from the ice cave first.

The Chuggers don't believe him, but when they hear a mighty roar coming from one of the tunnels, they start to think he might be right. Koko attempts to break a speed record at the Chug-a-sonic Speedtrack. Brewster and Wilson try for their Town Crier badges - a badge recognising their public speaking skills. The Chuggineers are demolishing the old cooling tower and Brewster can't wait to watch it come down. The Chuggers are on the quest for their Colour badges.

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Brewster and Wilson each have to make an announcement to the other chuggers. Wilson is sent to a mystery location and needs to find his way home. Eddie and Emery get stuck outside in a storm. Wilson is tired from staying up late, and has trouble completing his mail run on time. Brewster learns about the importance of good presentation as he earns his Squeaky Clean badge by staying clean while pulling a very special load of stinky manure.

As Hodge prepares the magnetic crane, Wilson persuades him to do the repairs by himself. When Wilson breaks down during the race, Koko must choose whether to help him, or keep going and win. The trainees are thrilled to be spending the day with Action Chugger, but when he is called away on an emergency, Wilson decides to try on some jetpacks and learn to fly. Hoot and Toot help Wilson with his news report. But when Chatsworth gets into trouble in the mountains and Calley is nowhere to be found, Brewster must ride to the rescue.

Zephie is given the important job of transporting newspaper reporter Rag and photographer Snap, who are doing a story about Morgan's new rail-going cycle. The trainees each have to think of a way to make Chuggington even more beautiful. Stars Koko and the Speed Fleet delivery team. Frostini is helped by Wilson and the safari park monkeys when creating a new flavour of ice cream.

Hoot and Toot must deliver their cargo before sunrise to earn their Night Chugger's badge. The trainees have to keep quiet all day.

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