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Dot com in order the book. And you don't she Iran meet for maybe not asking you.

Is brought to you Bonnie Sorensen Fordham Brookfield. The people that are listened to him are gonna get a ton from a whether he talks basketball talks helped talks faith.

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And offered to help me with the book. So when you and the other than half I don't know him but I just put books ago sure column but it was it was a challenge but I'm glad that I did it because.

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And you sit them in my dorm room with my cousin and end we bullets relate what. Not have a positive impact on people's lives.

And read repeat the things that god says about you and your situation. For your life to be a testimony. Boy an as a fifteen year old.

And he said I I was in my dorm room by myself and I picked up my Bible and he said that he said the board met me exactly. For in presidents and and ask her if it's gonna click and they really do I mean prevent them it's a very threatening thing. What's corner how were those spent so I had you know why are we sit and were ill oriented screen diversity. Got up to go to another fork. Alou maybe got are good I can hit a jump shot you know Merrill being mentally tough but I figured I could probably post you up right now.

It's not over till it's over man you you don't know. Of the two after that dealt with my biggest disappointment as a basketball coach and when I was fired as a head coach a market eyes grew. Those chapters is there great chapters whole book is a really good book ago. For it and then I think but how difficult of a time was that now only for you but for your parents.

Here's host Mike may get burned and pastor Tim Keller. What he did gently tapped me on the shoulder he hit me with a snot locker read between M I because then I'm getting calls from other coach is going. Kind of talks about is I had to figure out where I was going.

An author that's Thomas stirred next segment author David cook's getting undressed from paralysis to purpose. If your church looking for your men's group looking for I guess speaker that's for you reach out to David Cox. In studio three news David cook's former more can mark that. Cook also made numerous returns to American Idol.

In admissible in despair when you're hoping is hold. Were a wise and and and he said look. He can we talk about to the I know that you had thought about writing a book awhile ago. This article is about the rock singer.

That would provide inspiration and guidance and leadership. And that that's a difficult thing to attempt to look back at when you're going through it your think it won like everybody else.

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And so the border was dealing with you with a couple ways with test I had a pride issue Newton. Cystic coaching according university. He insisted it was a break-up song that came together very quickly.

And this firing was a projection points from me because. Worn out of faith in the zone discovering people of sports in their walking me. And I envy the guys have figured it out as early as you worry.


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Where you take something off and you put something knocked. Absolutely from me you know I had given my life to Christ I was thirteen years old and I didn't know quite what that meant.

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