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Collect your stash on the way out! Enter the Maverick to begin the Vice Sights game.

Grand Theft Auto - Vice City Stories (Europe) ISO ROM Download for PSP

Added by Gaming Ghost Report. Take the money to Martinez. Finish off the attackers to complete the mission and earn your reward. Uploaded by Wecanseeforever Report. The next is at the Standing Vice Point Hotel.

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories Game

Watch the sentries patrolling the outskirts of the dock. As you approach, Louise points out the landing spot. She and Victor participate in a Quad bike race. Forbes informs the Vances of an incoming cocaine shipment and a deal taking place Downtown.

Drive your motorcycle quickly ahead of Lance and combat the cars waiting for him farther up the road. An onscreen tip meter reveals how long you have before that bonus cash expires. Be an observant driver through the trailer park especially and avoid poles. Ignore the poor fellow screaming at you nearby. After these two tasks, nicki minaj pinkprint mp3 Lance is ready to head back.

You must keep your time and action meter up. Let Lance get onto the bike then drive quickly to the marked location.

Grand Theft Auto - Vice City Stories (Europe) ISO ROM Download for PSP

Playground on the Park Playground on the Dock Rush! Every second you gain before Mendez alerts you to his trouble makes this segment easier. You fill the role while Lance discusses snow business with Spitz. Eliminate the gang members. The site now becomes part of your business empire.

Lance, however, has found a potential buyer for the cocaine. The best rated natural gas grills are going to look great and they are also going to have the features you need to cook up an amazing meal. To say the van is sluggish is putting it mildly. As you near the car, maneuver the helicopter behind it. Grab the armor and make your way to the marked location to reach the higher floor.

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Find the motorbike near the lighthouse on the southeastern side of the beaches on the eastern island to begin the Land, Sea and Air Ace mini-game. You will have to deal with multiple enemies when there is a saboteur doing his work. Drop a grenade right in front of the Cholo van, run off quickly, and wait for it to explode. Drive the motorbike up the stairs to the rooftop.

The brothers leave you and Lance for dead in a fuel depot. Drive over to the marked business in Vice Point and prepare for battle. The best time to grab Mendez is on a straight road. After this mission, a page arrives notifying you that someone is waiting for you at the airport.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories Game

The first station is at Washington Beach. After rescuing the first, explosions cause debris to block a path in the warehouse. After clearing the exterior of the business, enter the premises at the marked spot and terminate the remaining gang members inside. The Film studio need a stuntman, so Vic decides to volunteer.

Watch the mini-map to spot incoming enemies and target accordingly. Apart from that, all their staff should have certificates stating that they have received proper training and are able to do the job adequately.

Quick NavigationMissions in Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories

Run off and find another vehicle. Lance decides to perform some fly-bys on the Biker gang in retribution for the theft of their cocaine. Aim for the Cholos not their cars. Drive with Lance to the marked location.

Equip your pistol and eliminate the Cholos out front. The work of the plumber entails repairing and installing different plumbing systems like water and waste. Beware of a couple other enemies hanging around. Climb the staircases near the door. Pilot one of the hospital choppers found on a helipad at one of the hospitals to initiate the Air Rescue mini-game.

Jack an ambulance easily found at one of the hospitals and begin the Paramedic pastime. Be prepared to maneuver the hovercraft across land and narrow docks and bridges to grab dropped packages. Hose the Hoes Robbing the Cradle. After opening the safe, select the lighter arm and approach the bonds to torch the place.

You can now use it as a save house and use the garage to store a vehicle. The two of you bond over mutual problems. The electrician can rewire your home and they can also upgrade your wiring so it will last longer and is safer. Marty turns you loose against the goons outside the shop.

Follow the stairs to the marker. He wants you to pick up some product in Ocean Beach and take it to a deal in Washington. Approach after the sentry passes. Phil suggests checking out the hospital.

The Cholos arrive with increasing numbers. Target each enemy gang member in turn and eliminate them. You will no longer get tired while swimming. The mission opens with Umberto invoking his special kind of charm. Uploaded by brotherhood Report.

Pilot the chopper to the marked building. Grab another car and head to the next Cholo van. Your brother Lance surprises you at the airport. Watch the mini-map for approaching Cholos. While the guys are shooting at each other, get out and toss a grenade into the fray.

Reni will fire on other cars. Instead, go to the opposite side of the area and around the last tanker to find the remaining two valves.

Hop in and return it to Marty. Proceed left and down some stairs.