Indian Boiler Regulations 1950

Butt Straps and spacing of rivets below requirements. Flanges of Alloy Steel Pipes.

Groove and fillet welded pipe and tube specimens. Cylindrical shells of drums.

Preparation for hydraulic tests. End Plates in steam spaces. Hydraulic test for new economisers. Minimum thickness of Flanges.

Parts of flat tube plates within the tube nests. Fees for examination of welders. Plain Furnaces of Horizontal Boilers.

Pipe (Fluid Conveyance)

Minimum thickness of Plates. Memorandum of Inspection Book. Measurements of stayed areas in the end plates of Locotype and Vertical Boilers. Maximum pitch of rivets in Longitudinal Joints.

Position of the Tube holes. Tensile, Bend and Flattening tests. Bar stays and Firebox stays. Procedure of hydraulic tests. Inspection during construction.

Procedure at subsequent inspection. Dished shell and firebox crowns. Maximum Pitch of Rivets in longitudinal joints. Re-validation of certificate.

Indian Boilers Regulations

Indian Boiler Regulations, theme park the game amended. Curved tube plates of water-tube boilers. Stayed Flat surfaces other than Crowns of Vertical Boilers. Fire-box Crown stays for Loco-type Boilers.

Specimen Representing Repairs. Preparation for Inspection. Registration, Operation and Maintenance.

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Manholes and other openings in shells. Requisite Mountings, Fittings and Auxiliaries. Tubes -Their defects, etc.

Indian Boiler Regulations

Flat Crown plates of Vertical Boilers. Radiographical Examination. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your valuable feedback.

Compensating Rings and Frames for Openings in Shells. Rivets securing compensating rings and Stand Pipes. Economiser water outlet temperature. Compensation for Manholes and other openings.

Local Welding of Butt Seams. Flat plates supported by stays and nuts and large washers or strips or doublings. Wide water spaces between and around tube nests. Welded Joints in Copper Fire Boxes.

Fee for inspection of spares and scantlings. Tests for initial qualification of a welder. Flange-Thickness and Drilling. Pipe Connections and Fittings.

Foundations of Vertical Boiler Furnaces. Dye-Penetrant flaw detection.

Compensation Rings to Manholes. Filler rods for gas welding of steel. Over pressure of Safety Valves. Heat treatment after welding. Fillet welded plate specimens.

Tests for Requalification. Fees for inspection of Pipes. Spacing of rows of rivets. Determination of Working Pressure. Plain Furnaces of Vertical Boilers.

Dished End Plates with pressure on concave side. Extent to which variation from the standard conditions laid down in the preceding Chapters is permissible. Minimum thickness and cross-section.

Final findings recommends imposition of definitive anti-dumping duty. Adjustment of safety valve set pressure. Leave us your details and witness first-hand, the most powerful technology platform handmade for exporters and importers.

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Indian Boilers Regulations - 1950

The principal regulations were published in the Gazette of India, vide, number S. Types of welded shell seams.

Indian Boilers Regulations - 1950