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Silberling worked on a number of top television programs, directing installments of L. Positive Messages There's a hint of a lesson about standing by your friends and your beliefs, but it's mostly drowned out by slapstick and jokes.

Violence A man is torn to bits by hungry dinosaurs, room dating bd natok comedy and viewers see his severed limbs. Some blood as part of a gag involving an exotic blood-sucking insect. Holly stands up for him when no one believes his theories. Characters also appear high from the effects of the nectar of an exotic plant.

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The son of a television producer, Silberling studied his craft at the U. The deal failed to lead to a feature-film project, but his work did attract the attention of noted television producer Steven Bochco, who gave Silberling work directing episodic television. Scantily clad women, as well as underwear-clad men, but the latter is primarily for comedic effect.

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