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Make sure you know where it is saved to. With that combo you can do every movie. So I clean the disc and try again. The key word is free, what more can i say, this program has worked better than any program I've used, and payed money for. So I tried to think what could cause this.

Overall it's a very good program for editing and transcoding with more options than most users realize. While I appreciate that it can rip files ultra-fast, it is not doing it efficiently.

Any problems wind up as hardware related. That part just won't work with Vista. This must always be taken in to account. This is a one stop shop for backing up dvds.

You will know beforehand that you will succeed. Two things that I chould have saved if I would have found this program right away. One question, when will it get an update. Is there another software I might be able to use?

BpArrot Send private message to this user. Great soft ware does what a lot of other soft ware can not do.

Latest News Software Updates. This is an amazing piece of software but to get the best quaility of video is to use dvd decrypter first to rip dvds to a iso file then open the disc image with shrink. Running Shrink with Anydvd gives you the world for movie dubbing. Best ever all in one endoder player shrinker burner and Free!

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The ultimate proggy, hope it stays alive so it can create even better programs. You won't be charged for it, ever. Keep up with the good work. Sexually explicit or offensive language.

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The application allows you to copy any. BobShaft Send private message to this user. The creators should be entered into the Technical Hall of Fame or at least be hailed as Heros of your time. Don't know about the complaint that this is not freeware.

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Superb piece of software, does exactly what it says it will and very simply. Many guides and forums to support using this if you run in to any problems. New user Log in If you do not have an AfterDawn. Get this while you still can!

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Given it's freeware, I don't see how one would complain. Good to know it still has use for others. Copies most movies well and quickly. Literally click open - pick the tracks - and click backup. This software rates right up there with wild women, where can i pc games safely good wine and other enjoyable items.

Overall the software does exactly what it's supposed to and does it well. When I clicked the menu button, it brought up the menu and I hit play movie and it went back to looping those previous screens. Additional information about license you can found on owners sites. There is some new encryptions that is can't get through, like the sony arcoos.

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It is darn stable and fast. Freeware is a loosely defined category, which includes both closed and open source software.

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This is free, and as the saying goes, the best things in life are free! Ok To all that are having problems with new dvds. Thank you for your donation!

There doesnt appear to be any scratches on the discs. Canfield says it isn't cluttered by simpleton menus and restricted options. Go here and scroll down about halfway down the page for ScubaPete's excellent guide and get to burning now! Azazel Send private message to this user. It is great software and best of all cheap.

The ability to update it is great. ChelOis Send private message to this user. This is by far the easiest program I have ever used for what it does and of course it is free. Good, but need a program thathas a bigger video display area. TauLurin Send private message to this user.

Nephilim Send private message to this user. SccrPlyr Send private message to this user.

Download DVDShrink for FREE from the OFFICIAL DVDShrink Site

Gets better all the time, and well, how cany you beat the price? Trik Send private message to this user. Keep up the great work guys. Top software, i have been using it for years, and it has only let me down once with the DaVinci Code. Only problem I have been having is the audio tracks are not coming out onto my burns.

Commendable programing guys, keep it up! Ive been using this program forever. The next problem is not so easy.

Absolutely the best software for compressing dvd's. This software is really good. Tried the software with an existing disc and the results were terific. Great concept but extremley slow.


But, if you want perfect copies, this is the way to go! Information regarding this product is being maintained for posterity's sake only. But this version and the previous verisons have never let me down. Some of the updates have not been great but I have always managed to do the jobs that I wished to do.