Meteor Garden

Meteor Garden

She is known as Makino Tsukushi in the manga. She is a strong-willed girl who is engaged to Si by their parents to merge companies. Was this review helpful to you? Also, he is the joker who is very loyal to his group of friends. He is known as Hanazawa Rui in the manga.

He becomes Shan Cai's protector and close friend, and later falls in love with her. The senior also tells them about the fear they instill in their peers, but Shancai still goes to confront Daoming Si, the one who stepped on her phone. Eventually, the four boys begin to acknowledge Shan Cai's unyielding personality that is like her namesake which is that of a weed that can never be brought down. However, after an altercation with Shan Cai, he unknowingly falls in love with her due to her defiant stance to his bullying ways. She also begins to see the good in the boys, which paves the way for friendship and an eventual romance.

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This is the first of the two characters in the first names among all members which are cycled through the generations in this Dao family. Tribun Jateng in Indonesian. Eighteen-year-old Dong Shancai kicks off her first year at Ming De University with misadventures, drawing the ire of popular college heartthrob Daoming Si. Two episodes were released per day on a Monday to Wednesday basis.

She uses many different cruel ways to get Shancai away from Dao Ming Si. The Chinese names of the characters are transcribed using official Pinyin transcription. After she arrives, they bicker, and it culminates with him smashing one of the boxes on her neck.

He is studying business and has an impeccable memory. He is also nice to Shan Cai.

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Can the pure love of year-olds endure through all the challenges of adulthood? There is drama, comedy, happiness and sadness, I await my wed-fri fix. Like Ximen, he is a flirtatious casanova.

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Meteor Garden ( TV series)

She falls in love with him immediately. She immediately clashes with her classmates especially Dao Ming Si who is spoiled, arrogant and a bully. Audible Download Audio Books.

She is Dao Ming Si's controlling mother. Yoon Jin Ah is a woman in her mids who doesn't know yet what it's like to date a man.

Top Actors Add New Person. She also works part-time at a bubble tea shop with her best friend, Xiaoyou.

Meteor Garden

Being the heir of the Dao Ming Group, he is pursuing business and finance. Kang Mi Rae recovers her self esteem after being bullied as she gets to know Do Kyung Suk after getting plastic surgery. Yan Ximen is a casanova and a tea culture expert. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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She is a hardworking, tough girl who always defends the weak. Popular Lists Related lists from users Create a list. It contains thirteen songs, in which ten songs are English songs.

What's on Joshua Jackson's Watchlist? He comes from a wealthy and domineering family, and is being primed to take over the family's multinational corporation, Dao Ming Group.

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Instead, she accidentally pushes Mr. She's been dumped by a man many times because of her clumsy, reckless, and foolish behavior.

Check out our full list of popular titles to find out. He instils fear in his opponent and they are bound to make a mistake. The protagonist of the story. This article needs additional citations for verification.

He thinks money can solve anything. Shan Cai is a strong-willed, compassionate and bold girl who doesn't allow herself or others to be bullied. He seems to always cause the family financial problems.

The stream was then made available to everyone the day after. Dumplings Rather Than Flowers. Huaze Lei has a talent of reading one's cards through their expressions, his sweet smile results in the defeat of his opponent. Connor Liang Feng Mei Zuo. She remains defiant even after becoming a target of a series of pranks intended to torment her and just when she's about to give up, nimirnthu nil video song Hua Ze Lei always seems to show up to lend her a helping hand.

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