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No problems once I figured every thing out. Very frustrating to constantly have to start from the beginning.

Simple, but in it's own way, difficult and addictive. Not sure how to save I'm not sure how to save. Game Freezes The game freezes for me when I get to the month I want to travel. Can't get passed Leaving Time I've played this before and it worked wonderfully. And i told her about this game yrs ago and i seen you can play it now.

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Some issues Crashed during Big Blue River on my first run, the second river in the game. For the life of me I can't figure it out, any help would be great, because I love the game.

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My only complaint was that I couldn't get the number-pad to work for navigating through different options. This can be fixed by resetting the tab though. The first time locked up when I was entering the names of my group members.

The Oregon Trail

My teacher taught us about the oregon train, and she said she has the game but has never played it. Does not work Does not load game. Pretty Cool This game is really cool and raw. Use the number pad instead of the regular keys.

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However, at the suggestion to someone else's review, I opened the game in Firefox and it works perfect! Not very hard to figure out. Great Love this keep coming back.

It is so fun to play, anna thammudu songs but it takes awhile to load. Our social studies teacher showed this game to us and everybody was just sitting there and playing it. Game Will Not Run I love this game and would love to play it again. The Oregon Trail is a very fun game and it works fine. Play The Oregon Trail online here.

Yes I agree it is fun but what fun is a game if you can't finish it. This is irrelevant if you make sure to save progress before exiting. Other than that, it was just as fun as I remember.

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For some out of this world reason it is asking me to have this weird thing that is not on my iMac want to play. It dates back to when my Mom and Dad were my age. An important aspect of the game was the ability to hunt.

For some reason it's more fun when you nearly all die or all die rather than when you get to oregon. Just read the screens and follow the instructions. The cons is that it will freeze up mid game and I'll have to refresh the page and end up starting all over. When i first started i was on interner explorer yeah i know and i could get the game to start.

Game version the-oregon-trail. That said, I would love to be able to write a review for the online version. As a farmer, it may be a steep price, but I will get you across the trail without any problems. It actually does say that in the pre-hunting screen where it tells you which arrows to use, at the top of the list, but it can be easy to skim over without actually reading.

The Shift Button Works as a Caps Lock For those of you who can't get past the part after entering names, if you pressed the shift button, you are stuck in caps lock. Please fix would love to play it. Even though my other friend said he had a better strategy than mine. People could also die from drowning or accidental gunshot wounds.

You can refresh the page or just wait. It worked for my teacher, but not me This game is great! Good Very good game for educational reason. And I mean that sincerely. The indians were all complaining about us white folk and my wagon mysteriously caught on fire as soon as I left.

My aunt loves to play all the free games that she can, that she doesn't have to download on her own computer. You can hire me to take you to Oregon.

It was like a survival version of Flappy Bird for me. It worked for the past two days but now the Dos Box just spins and never boots the game. It was to relive this game. Now I have it on my computer and it won't work. Buying food is dumb, you need that money for more important things like ferry fares and wagon parts.

And the Keyboard Controls Suck. And all the directions you need are plainly written.

Once I started playing, I had to continue because the controls stopped working after I left the window the first time. Game and Software Preservation. Books by Language uslprototype. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Feeling lucky, disheeded them.

Wish it would keep my name and high score though. MyAbandonware More than old games to download for free!

That is to say, it thinks the spacebar remains pressed down when it isn't, and fires continuously. Memory Lane So glad to play this game again.

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