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In the meantime, adverse effects were recorded. There are few randomized-controlledstudies and most of the literature includes small, open-label, short-duration studies. The sebaceous glands, although present, have their secretions intensely diminished, practically extinguishing vaginal lubrication. Estriol and their glucuronide and sulfate conjugates arealso excreted in the urine. Potentially, one out of three postmenopausal women could benefit from a vaginal estrogen therapy, but the fear of systemic absorption limits its use.

Apart from its vasodilating effect through nitric oxide stimulation, estrogen is also responsible for the vascular flow preservation of the internal and external genitalia. Cervicalstenosis was caused by atrophy existing before localtreatment was started and the intrauterine bleedingcould even be unrelated to promestriene use.

Promestriene safety is further substantiated by its long- lasting and wide clinical experience. The possibility of systemic absorption distinguishes those vaginal creams currently.

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Analysis of effectiveness and side effects The concerns with postmenopausal symptoms intensify as our life expectancy increases. There is no direct relationship between improvement ofvaginal symptoms and estrogenic levels obtained in theserum after therapy. The influence of estrogen on vaginal epithelial cells is intense, making the epithelium thick, wrinkled and rich in glycogen. During our research, some patients complained of mastodynia after using the estriol cream, which might result from a systemic action of estriol.

Estrogen hydrates, stimulates elastic fibers and collagen, maintaining the anatomical architecture of the vaginal epithelium preserved. Therefore, any systemic side effects from promestriene will likely be negligible. Patients on promestriene, on the other hand, did not. They increase the lubrication ofthe atrophic epithelium, reduce vaginal pH, and increaselocal glycogen. Thus, ifthere was no effect after the first month, an even lesserabsorption thereafter was expected.

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Patientswere informed of the aim of the study and of the benefitsand risks of promestriene. They increase the lubrication of the atrophic epithelium, reduce vaginal pH, and increase local glycogen. The vascular flow of the cavernous corpuses, kept in constant filling, preserves the coaptation of the urethral mucosa, since urethra does not have a sphincter to keep its continence. It is not evenconverted back into estradiol.

These are some of the symptoms derived from hypoestrogenism in the genitourinary system. The minimalsystemic effect is reduced until it is not clinically relevantonce vaginal thickening has occurred. All patients volunteered to participate in this research and provided written informed consent. Vaginal estrogens cure vaginal atrophy and effectively reduce the corresponding symptoms such as burning, itching, and dyspareunia. The use of a local action cream should not be considered if there is the risk of endometrial hyperplasia, either typical or atypical.

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Promestrieneused vaginally to relieve vaginal atrophy is a locallyeffective estrogen that has not shown systemic estrogeniceffects. Estriol has systemic absorption, while promestriene does not, being the effects of the latter restricted to the vaginal wall. The objective of this study was to compare vaginal creams composed of promestriene and estriol for use in symptomatic climacteric women, concerning their effectiveness and side effects. Promestriene, camphor machine manufacturer in bangalore dating a specific topic estrogen.

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Thus, it could be a first-line option for those who necessitate a minimal or ideally no vaginal absorption, particularly in symptomatic cancer patients. Potentially, one out of three postmenopausalwomen could benefit from a vaginal estrogen therapy, butthe fear of systemic absorption limits its use. These changescould make it less able to penetrate the basal membrane. The routine biochemical test was used as an indexto monitor the safety. Vascular flow preservation is also of great importance, especially when urinary continence is considered.

The vagina comprises an inner mucosa layer, lined by stratified squamous epithelium, a middle muscle layer, and an outer fibrous layer. Promestriene safety is further substantiated by its long-lasting and wide clinical experience. As promes-triene does not alter hormone levels, it should not modifythe risk of breast cancer. This brief introduction intends to highlight the underestimation of the medium- and long-term symptoms presented by menopausal women, since mainly the short- term symptoms are valued. All the papers analyzed were concordant on promestriene efficacy and safety.

Sulfate conjugatesare the primary form found in postmenopausal women. Therefore, we believe that it is better to use medications that have strict local action, without the undesirable and preoccupying systemic repercussions. Unauthorized reproduction of this article is prohibited. Other studies did not confirm these results. This form of estrogen has a low level of vaginal absorption and proved to be effective for vaginal atrophy.

Few randomized-controlled studieswere published. Promestriene used vaginally to relieve vaginal atrophy is a locally effective estrogen that has not shown systemic estrogenic effects. All the papers analyzed were concordant on promestrieneefficacy and safety.

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During promestriene treatment, no adverse events wereobserved. The symptoms of vaginal atrophy are vaginal dryness, soreness, pain during intercourse and urinary incontinence.

The safety of local estrogens is such that they can be usedin highly symptomatic patients with breast cancer. In two randomized, double-blind trials, promestriene wascompared with placebo and no differences in systemicactivity were documented. All women presented withsexual troubles, mainly genital discomfort dyspareunia orvaginism.