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If there are no relatives left, a capable successor is selected from the ranks of the Officers available. The number of injured soldiers in the Officer's unit. Also as the Defense of the city increases, the walls will become larger.

You can see the guards patrolling near the gate of the city. This does not affect movement rates on water however. Otherwise you can simply wait for your country to be overrun and join another Liege, or just back your bags and get out while the going is good. Arms should be forged for the Officers.

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Do not rely on Officers that have surrendered, as they will most likely defect shortly after your occupation. If the city is where the Liege resides, you take over his entire country.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 7 Overview

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Unfortunately, your neighbors may object to your presence and decide to make your rule woefully short. If that still doesn't work then start building up your abilities.

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Immerse yourself in your favorite Warrior and plunge into the chaos of the Three Kingdoms. The top three Officers with the most Glory on the victorious side in battle gain a portion of Deeds based on the Glory won. If that is the case, congratulations! The best way to counter that is to have Arbalests of your own and the Counter skill, bulgarian keyboard he he he. If investigated Trust and Fame increases.

You can also organize Troop distribution without conscripting as well. If Gold or Food income is shown as a negative value, work to correct the problem as soon as possible. Characters with the Spy skill can learn about adjoining cities as well. Aid is great for recovering from the Chain Ploy.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 7 Overview

When enabled, off-topic review activity will be filtered out. You can only draft once a month. Or they can become one via natural means by being named successor to a previous one.

If a country has a city connecting to the target city you may ask for reinforcements. While having the ability to use Creatures can definitely turn the tide of battle, you do have to hunt for them again each time you use them. Gifting on Steam The Steam Community. The city the Officer is in must have an exotic site present.

Would you recommend this Guide? Not only will this increase your experience, but your Deeds and Fame as well. Determines how much money is collected for the city in January, April, July, and October. If the country is passive or allied, Auto is the best choice.

As Troops are lost in battle the amount of damage the unit can deal will decrease. Your superiors will usually know what the best course of action for the city is for the current situation. The Prefect is often asked by the Liege to do certain tasks for the month. This skill can be incredibly helpful in many situations.

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Major update to Officer Skills and Character Types sections. As you increase in Deeds, your Liege may decide to reward you by increasing your Rank, Class, or Wages, or give you one of his personal Items. The Liege will ask you which Officer is most suited for a Prefect position. In July you may also be asked to participate in a poetry contest or martial arts tournament, depending on your character's type.

Each city usually has a product available to manufacture Arms. Officer lets his guard down, giving you a chance to assassinate him. All squares adjacent to the target square are hit. Don't be a treasure hoarder and keep all of them to yourself.

Giving wise answers will increase a Warlord's influence, while giving bad advice will reduce it. As a result, they are easy targets for Tactics such as Confuse and Taunt. This is saved in the Sites visited in the start menu. Officer critiques you, which raises your Fame. You will be stripped of your Class and Rank, and your Troops will enter the city's reserves.

Redid the Endings section. You can attempt to enlist the Ronin of the city to become your officers. If the Officer's Bond is low you may be refused training. Prefects can only be selected from Officers that are able to move to the city.

This is usually a bad idea unless the city itself is on the verge of collapse. Otherwise, the Buy command is not available.

Determines if a merchant is available to purchase food and items in the city. The Officer becomes a Ronin, and his Troops join the city's Reserves.

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However, there is the tradeoff that raising abilities in this fashion is a rather lengthy process. Nitrate is required to forge the Arms Fireball and Wood Ox. Just remember that if one of your own units is in the line of fire, be sure to weigh the advantages of making a volley attack. Prefect, Warlord, Liege This allows you to send an envoy to another Liege to increase their Relation with your country by giving them a gift of Gold.

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