Sai Baba Bhajan Hamsar Hayat

He is the Lord of Sita, and was crowned King of Ayodhya. Day and night I meditate upon your name, O Sai, to destroy my ignorance during each and every birth. His illusory human form and His beautifully enchanting name was worshipped by the sages. Salutations to our Lord Shri Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Of India-Bhajan text

See more of Hamsar Hayat sai sandhya confession page on Facebook. While both father and uncle have left indelible marks on his style, Hamsar also strives to evolve his own characteristic manner of singing. Hamsar Hayat sai sandhya confession page was live. Chant the name you choose with love and devotion. The enchanting flute player, with the dark and compassionate face, installshield 2009 protects the poor and helpless and resides in Puttaparthi.

Mother Amba holds a trident, and her vehicle is a lion. He was the beloved treasure of Sage Vishwamithra. He is the divine flute-player, and the beloved son of Nanda and Yashoda. He is the compassionate one who liberated Ahalya from her sin.

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Krishna, Janardhana Govinda, Narayana, Achyuta, all of which represent truth, knowledge and bliss. Pray Thee to grant us the opportunity to server Thy Lotus Feet. Greetings to the destroyer of Mahishasura representing evil. He is the embodiment of virtues and bestower of knowledge and intellect. You are the Lord of the Universe and our mother, father and brother.

He is the Lord residing in Mathura who held up the mountain to save the devotees. He is the incarnation of the kali age. He wears the moon on His head, has the third spiritual eye on His forehead, and holds the Trident. He walked the gardens of Brindavan and lifted the Mandara mountain to protect His devotees. Chant the name of Krishna the lifter of Govardhana Mountain.

Son of Mother Eshwaramma, personification of the Eternal, grants bliss and protects the Universe. Shiva, with the third eye of wisdom transcends space and time. You are the uplifter of the weak and miserable, and you are the destroyer of evil qualities. He is an ocean of mercy and the Lord of the helpless.

Sai is the dark-complexioned Krishna, the protector of devotees, who is Love incarnate. The Lord captivates the hearts of devotees. He is the Lord of His devotees and the Lord of Parthi. He has now incarnated as Sai, Eshwaramba's son.

She delights in her cosmic dance. Sourced from kingdomof sai.

Lord Narayana, rests on Adhi Shesha. When Doctor found Lord Ram in Sai.

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Lord Sai with the pure and sacred name is the indweller. Hari, Gopala, Govinda, Ghana Shyama dark-complexioned one. Glory to the Lord who enchants our hearts with divine music on His flute.

Sing in praise of the lingam that verily represents Lord Sai. Kindly grant the vision of Your form.

Sai si Gopala, Nanda's son, and Rama, the jewel of the Raghu dynasty. He grants liberation and is the cause of creation, preservation and dissolution. The exceedingly enchanting Lord is the indweller. Do not desert the temple of our hearts.

Sai Rakhna Humari Laaz Latest Superhit Sai Baba Bhajan Hamsar Hayat Nizami

He is the dispeller of fear and the refuge of those in need and in difficulties. He delights His devotees with His beautiful face and lotus-shaped eyes.

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He is Vishnu, and also Shirdi Sai who lived in Dwarakamayi. He, who destroyed the demon Mura, is the Lord of Radha. He bestows grace, uplifts the fallen and miserable, and destroys our sins.

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He is the adornment of the Raghu dynasty. Love will bind us with Lord Sai and Him with us.

Download Om Sai Nath Hamsar Hayat mp3 song Belongs To Hindi Music

Mil mujhko mere baba bharni tumhe padegi-. The temple is a beautiful shrine that was built over the Samadhi of Shri Sai Baba. The birth and the early life of Shri Saibaba are not much known.