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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. However, apart from these obvious factors, you can purchase a smartphone that bests suits you by considering the specifications of the gadget. The phone is also good in file sharing and social media craze and can stand a lot of battery time. This is especially important if you are a regular user of the social media or like browsing the internet with your smartphone. This is a smartphone for camera lovers.

Smartphone market in India - Statistics & Facts

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In modern smartphones, the resolution of the phone display will mostly depend on how you want to use your phone. This might have contributed to the reduction of the average selling price of smartphones in India. This android operated gadget is compatible with most of the popular features and can install different applications as it is with other smartphones. There is, however, shakira loca video a challenge in customization options which are some of the things that you might want to consider as there are very few themes and skins for various users.

You most certainly want a phone that will enable you to share files, videos, and pictures to your friends and relatives. It has a different user interface and will sure give you the experience you are looking for in a smartphone.

The main reason for having the table above is to enable you to compare the preferred product features in regard to the one competitive in the market. Being with this phone is an experience itself as one feels like you are walking around the world.


It provides the best use when it comes to computational photography thus one of the most attractive smartphones in the market. It also has one of the best charging solutions and can hold power for a whole day even when using different applications. The phone has an improved connectivity with a Cat. The number of pixels will most often determine the size of the image resolution which will become small when viewed on the screen. Its camera size produces the best resolution for both video and photograph.

It can, however, fit the remote and less developed countries or for people with a lower budget for smartphones. Nice smartphone for internet usage due to huge memory and processor. This probably could be software or hardware issue as the case has been realized with most Hauwei smartphones with from cameras. It is enhanced with a fingerprint sensor to enhance security. It also comes with an internal application that can enable improvement of images or be taking the best shots.

Also those who watch videos, the long battery life provides one with a total freedom and you do not have to spend time near the socket to charge your phone. In any case, smartphones are either build with plastic or metal. This is a very beautiful phone with one of the best prices in the market for best budget smartphones.

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As much as it depends with the user, this is good news for those who love to spend time on the internet. However, there are those with glass coated panels, which are still not very popular in the wider market.

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When considering high performance with less power, the iPhone X is the best classy smartphone to date. Given the history Asus Company has with producing the best-computerized gadgets, this smartphone is for the person who wants to do more with his gadget than simply taking pictures and making calls. The internet in this phone is just one of the best with various amazing features installed like Google earth among other popular features known to be owned by Google. If you love going for style and class, then iPhone X is the kind of smartphone for you.

Best Smartphones of 2019- Top 10 Mobile Phones

This is because of its primary and front camera range. Forecasted volume of smartphone shipments in in India. Owning a smartphone that effectively handles your needs is a critical factor that should determine the type of smartphone you go for in the market.

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This is one of the reasons that Nokia failed before with the windows operating system which was not compatible with many applications. The operating system also ensures that the device is compatible with a variety of applications thus efficacy in file sharing. The smartphone passes as one of the best to date.

This smartphone is a great recommendation for people who have more use of the internet as it has a great battery life with some of the best specs in terms of memory, storage, and operating systems. Get in touch with us quickly and easily. Infographics on the topic India smartphone manufacturing. Statista assumes no liability for the information given being complete or correct.

Know that you are more informed on the smartphones taking over the market, you can make informed decisions when deciding on the smartphone to purchase. It also important to go for a handset that is less bulky making it easy to use and move around. Your email address will not be published.

It also depends on the kind of work you do or how careful you are. India ranks second in the average time spent on mobile web by smartphone users across Asia Pacific.

Also, it has a beautiful appearance due to its sleek nature and variety in colors. There is not enough that can be said about the amazing features that constitute this phone. The average selling price decreased from about U. The camera of any phone is one of the most attractive features that people looking for when making a decision to purchase a new smartphone.

Best Smartphones of 2019- Top 10 Mobile Phones