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Verify that the domain controllers have the latest patches, enough free disk space, and can communicate with each other. Only the primary user can access controls on the remote desktop. To access the desktop, unlock the screen after logging in with the smart card.

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When you run View Composer installer on Windows Server with the latest Windows update from command line, you get a Microsoft. Certified Plug-ins deliver optimal performance, better security model, client isolation against failures in one plug-in, q heal antivirus 2013 and enhanced vCenter Server Appliance scalability. It is mandatory to configure one enrollment server as primary. Take advantage of the latest innovations in hardware to turbocharge the performance of existing applications.

Use Horizon Administrator to see the type of data stores available for selection in the window for browsing data stores. In Horizon Help Desk Tool, the pod name does not appear if the session is a local session or a session running in the local pod. This issue is fixed in Horizon Console. Changing the resolution of the display or changing to full-screen mode fixes the problem and you can revert to the original resolution or screen mode.

For problems that occur only in a specific Horizon Client platform, see the Horizon Client release notes on the Horizon Clients Documentation page. For this release, Windows Universal apps are not supported as hosted remote applications.

Docker Container Linux rkt. Or, navigate to another page in Internet Explorer and then navigate back to the Desktops page to fix this issue. Kaspersky Anti-Virus is among the very best antivirus software available on the market.

When you create full-clone desktop pools, sometimes wrong templates are displayed and valid templates are hidden due to a cache issue. Delete the instant-clone desktop pool. When you receive a call, manually change the volume of the output device or speaker connected to the Horizon Client to change the output volume.

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To ensure the optimal host consolidation, make sure that the Scanner Redirection setup option is only selected for those users who need it. This issue is not seen with floating or dedicated linked-clone desktop pools where the user profile is redirected to network share with or without Persona Management enabled. This action automatically creates a new virtual machine based on the pool provisioning settings. When you connect to a Linux desktop, some keyboard inputs do not work.

In Horizon Console, the Next button is enabled in the automated desktop pool provisioning settings when the specified naming pattern does not contain alphabets. Use Horizon Administrator or Horizon Client to restart or reset the virtual machine in the instant-clone desktop pool.

You must close the listed applications before you continue to uninstall Horizon Agent. Log off the session and launch another application to store that data. Manually close the window of the remote desktop and disconnect from the remote session. Improved Management Use powerful tools to simplify management and extend your control, now including vRealize Log Insight.

This occurs because of a Microsoft Windows issue. In Horizon Administrator, persistent disks available for import also include internal instant-clone disks.

However, when the desktop pool is launched, the AppStacks selected from that other App Volumes Manager are unavailable. Next, take a snapshot and create the linked-clone pool. When you connect with Horizon Client for Windows, the correct information is displayed. Schedule your vCenter Server Appliance backups and control the number of backups retained via the native backup scheduler. Windows folder redirection has a check box called Grant user exclusive rights to folder-name, which gives the specified user exclusive rights to the redirected folder.

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In Horizon Console, the Ready to Complete page for the farm does not reflect the default display protocol value that was set in the Identification and Settings page. By default, the Scanner Redirection option is not selected when you install Horizon Agent. Skype for Business has stopped working. During an upgrade, the installer does not replace any existing certificate. By default, this is the Local System account.

Known Issues

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Kaspersky Anti-Virus is among the very best antivirus software available on the market. If you use a command-line script to install Horizon Agent silently, make sure to wait or sleep the script for long enough to allow the driver installation to complete before you restart the system. You might not be able to connect to vSphere unless you apply vSphere patches.

If you launch a remote application that becomes unresponsive and then launch another application, the second application's icon is not added to the task bar on the client device. The sync operation can occur every hour or day, as set by the administrator.

For information about the issues that are resolved in this release, see Resolved Issues. Make sure that the primary monitor's resolution is at least as large as the secondary monitor's. When you uninstall Horizon Agent with the Scanner Redirection feature installed, the uninstall process requires you to close any running applications.

Move the mouse back on to the screen. In Horizon Console, attaching a persistent disk shows machines that the administrator does not have permissions to manage. Customized application icons with the. Please contact your system administrator. This problem occurs if the virtual machine's domain controller, or another domain controller in its hierarchy, is unresponsive or unreachable.

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