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Car still in garage but at the moment just timing chain. Where can I get a replacement engine? Has gotten progressively worse, smelling now of either pure oil or decomposing engine parts. Left headlamp lupo xenon - Fjherreropa terra. They later informed me after calling around their contacts in the industry, they had found out there was a known issue with the timing chain.

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Trouble starting, wont turn over only happens everynow and again, can any one help? Reading the thread I seem to have got away fairly lightly fingers crossed! The agents said that I had to pay Eur.

Central locking not working. Car ran good for around a week, until I was noticing a large amount of coolant leaking. This is obviously a major problem and am wondering would their be strength in numbers by taking this further?

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Had to have it towed to the garage. Red flower for vase in new bettle. Any ideas on where as they seem few and far between. Your email address will not be published. Maybe this one will sort it.

He is doing compression testing now. Lupo Sport - View the Lupo Sport car page. After persuading myself that the car will be as good as new, decided to go for the work to be carried out.

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Lupo - View the Lupo car page. Sounded like a tractor at times from day one. Or is this being overly optimistic? Could this be the start of something big and horribly expensive? Corrado - View the Corrado car page.

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Workshop manual wanted for sharan or can anyone tell me what numbers the petrol pump relays are. Drivers side manual wing mirror and parcel shelf for polo. Your advice is highly appreciated. Need a classic green late style corrado bonnet.

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VW Mk5 Golf TSi Engine & Timing Chain Problem

Does any one sell Volkswagons or own a new golf? Golf cabriolet motor for roof needed urgent. Golf Cabriolet - View the Golf Cabriolet car page.

Hi, everybody from Romania. Went for another test drive and the car once in motion drove flawlessly. Actually, this scandal is an unfortunate testament to the German approach of carrying out tasks in an absolute manner with faith in the relative theories.

In your opinion can the engine be repaired? Kiwiguy Wow your post is almost identical to my circumstances. Late style interior door handles and mirror switch. Vw sharon rubber car mats for sale.

VW Mk5 Golf TSi Engine & Timing Chain Problem

VW Volkswagen Golf

VW Mk5 Golf TSi Engine & Timing Chain Problem - Adam Lewin

The still current owner has spent a lot of cash on this car, and thought all problems were taken care of. The initial cause of my engine death was not a stretched chain, but a known flaw with the tensioner allowing the chain to slip a few teeth when in negative load i. After timing chain repair the shop had not inserted the seal for crankshaft properly and the car leaked almost all of the oil out from there before it was fixed. Skoda replaced the whole engine.

Thank you for the information. Good luck as I think we are going to need it. Wanted lupo gti pair of wing mirrors.

Beetle Tdi - View the Beetle Tdi car page. Does anyone have a diagram of the relays and their functions please?

The internal dashboard plan of the car indicates blown lights. These are only a single chain these days. Polo - View the Polo car page. Sharan middle seat for middle row, preferably leather - Belfast, n.

Really mint condition leather etc. If I get rid, what on earth do I replace it with? It could have been much worse. Having already spent a lot of money felt had no real other choice than to go ahead with the work, especially since the car was worth nothing in its current state. Phaeton - View the Phaeton car page.

Seat garage initial diagnosis Timing chains need replaced, they are now awaiting on tool to check the timing chains tensions? Also, good it failed there and not on the motorway. The Japanese have been building similarly sized and powered forced-induction engines for decades with timing belts rather than chains and I have never seen such a scandal from their manufacturers. Unfortunately so far it has been unsuccessful, but will continue to make more people aware. He was to go back to the garage and file a complaint, of hollywood movies dubbed in hindi as the car is not repaired after paying around Euros.

Had a small bump in my lupo gti - now in need of front bumper and grill! It is an expensive repair or and expensive modification whichever way you choose. What had to be my dream car turned out to be a nightmare.

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Not so much, all of a sudden. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. They have ordered the chain, tensioner, gasket etc.

Which is not treating customers fairly as the Germans got a different deal. You just gotra run it on the correct oils etc from the word go. Looking for fuel pump and steering wheel back door beadings with logo on them. Front wings, various cables and seals for beetle. They never told me what happened.